hurricane maria aftermath

Island of desperation

hurricane mariaMy spirits are broken by the reality of devastation.
My mouth is speechless by the constant state of shock.
My heart fills with a burning sense of loss.
My homeland as I knew it, no longer is.

My heart breaks at the loss of your rainforest.
My sight hurts from the burning of your landscape.
My smell inhales your tainted waters.
My spirit yearns for your once inherent natural beauty.

My everyday life regressed three generations.
My house is a refuge in the darkness.
My life is at a standstill.
My homeland as I lived it, no longer is.

My thoughts are consumed by a media frenzy.
My words are frustrated with the inefficient power.
My people are being forgotten.
My spirit despairs for your already obscure future.

My island of desperation.
My island as I knew it, when will you be.
My spirits yearn for your once natural beauty.

Mornings like Puerto Rico

puerto rican artisanal coffee

puerto rican artisanal coffeeMorning coffee has not only become a routine, but a daily simple pleasure that I look forward to every morning. Starting my day off with a cup of coffee, certainly gets me through the morning struggle and a full days work. Wanting to cut down on the daily five dollars lattes from the local coffee shops, I was on the hunt for coffee beans to bring home. I found Baraka Coffee, 100% fresh coffee beans produced in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican coffee has always been considered a favorite among coffee experts and holds a special place in my heart. These coffee beans perfectly capture the wholesome taste of home, fume a rich captivating aroma, deliver authentic flavor, and are artfully crafted in Puerto Rico.puerto rican artisanal coffee

puerto rican artisanal coffee

Not only do I enjoy Baraka coffee and am captivated by it’s enchanting rich aroma, but I also like the company. When I recently met the two founders at an event, we talked about consumers’ different preferences of preparing and serving coffee, their business philosophy, the Puerto Rican coffee industry and their commitment to restore it, as one of the best in the world. And immediately I knew I had to support them as a coffee aficionado myself.puerto rican artisanal coffee

To my fellow Puerto Ricans abroad, you will adore your mornings with a taste of Baraka Coffee, especially on the days when you’re most homesick. So if you need a cure, or simply want to support local producers from our homeland, I strongly recommend bringing back with you a few bags on your next trip home, You can also purchase for them on their online shop.

puerto rican artisanal coffee

Dear Lucky

October 17, 2015

Dear Lucky,

Our paths crossed extraordinarily. We intertwined deeply. We embraced each other quickly. Then parted ways. What was your purpose?

Forever, I secretly wanted. To know you forever. Be mine forever. Love you forever. Love me forever. Soulmates forever. Were you my soulmate?

My soulmate. You’re a soulmate of many. A soulmate that unbeknownst tore my walls down and revealed a new layer about myself. You smacked me awake. You made me live. You made me love. Then you left. What was the purpose?

You made me a woman. The other woman. An empowered woman. Ecstatically fulfilled woman. A super woman. Was that your purpose?

I miss you. I can’t believe it’s been three years. You still linger in my mind. Illusions get the best of me. I smile. Then I remember I don’t know you. Who are you these days?

We happened perfectly, divinely. Our romance could have been for the books. Now, Us lives in my perfectly suspended memory. But I can’t seem to let you go. For you to be you and for me to be me. Separate lives. Continents apart. Why can’t I Let It Go?

I was strong enough to let you in then I’m strong enough to let you go. Even if I don’t know your purpose. To fit your puzzle piece into my story. I need to move on with my story. When will I know your purpose?

‘See you soon’ – we said.
(You would never be mine again.)
‘Hope you stay beautiful. Hope you stay willing’ – he said.
Never came. That was your purpose.

Always I remember you.

Siempre xx

Printstagram | Monthly Obsession

social print studio, instagram prints, instagrams,I’m Instagram obsessed. I want to Instagram this, Instagram that, Instagram me, and Instagram please. My motto is “Instagram it or it never happened.” I get a kick out of sharing perfectly filtered memories with an overly thought out witty phrase that humorously captions the moment. Instagram is basically a photo journal that I can scroll through to reminisce about my travels, my outfits, my favorite ice lattes, and my summer days with friends. I’ve been wanting to cherish my Instagram memories in prints to put up as wall decor and as keepsakes for my travel journal. So I did some online research and decided to order my prints from the Social Print Studio app. The process was super easy, delivery was quick, and quality was exceptional. I’m now obsessed with my prints and can’t help reminiscing over them on my wall. If you’re as obsessed about Instagram as me then get your prints from Social Print Studio and let’s be Insta friends!