Printstagram | Monthly Obsession

social print studio, instagram prints, instagrams,I’m Instagram obsessed. I want to Instagram this, Instagram that, Instagram me, and Instagram please. My motto is “Instagram it or it never happened.” I get a kick out of sharing perfectly filtered memories with an overly thought out witty phrase that humorously captions the moment. Instagram is basically a photo journal that I can scroll through to reminisce about my travels, my outfits, my favorite ice lattes, and my summer days with friends. I’ve been wanting to cherish my Instagram memories in prints to put up as wall decor and as keepsakes for my travel journal. So I did some online research and decided to order my prints from the Social Print Studio app. The process was super easy, delivery was quick, and quality was exceptional. I’m now obsessed with my prints and can’t help reminiscing over them on my wall. If you’re as obsessed about Instagram as me then get your prints from Social Print Studio and let’s be Insta friends!

Can We Work It Out | Gordi

gordi, can we work it outConfession: The fact that I’m always stumbling upon new emerging artists from the land down under is no coincidence. I have this thing for Australia, its accent, its men, and its music. What can I say, they seem to breed them to my taste on the other side of the world, especially in the music gene department.

So this month’s #STUMBLEOFTHEMONTH, I’m still calling it a stumble, even though it’s from an Australian musician. To my defense, I did technically stumbled upon the track by way of my current favorite Aussie band, Little May.

Gordi is an indie folk artist that has been repeatedly haunting my thoughts with her current single ‘Can We Work It Out.’ With her nostalgic husky voice she lingers about the inner dilemma to keep thinking about that person that’s always in your head, that you so hopelessly want in your life forever, that’s become something you need more than something you want, and that you so desperately want to work it out. And yet, you know its best to open your eyes because there’s better days ahead than behind you.

Legends | Monthly obsession

ray ban retro round sunglassesHow many pairs of sunglasses can you own? In my lifetime, I’ve probably own one too many pairs of sunglasses and the hardest part has been to own them forever. The reality is that sunglasses either go out of style, always break a leg and scratch a lens, or tragically get lost at sea. (RIP my two favorite pairs lost in the Caribbean sea.) And so I realized that I’m tragically doomed as a sunglasses owner that I sword to never EVER again spend more than $50 on a pair. I figured that if they wouldn’t last forever then might as well save my money on cheaper pairs. But I’ve, recently, broken my own promise. I just couldn’t resist getting these Ray-Ban Retro Round Sunglasses because they’re iconic, timeless, go with everything, and just true legends. So now, I’m committed to my new promise. That is to never EVER sit on them, always and always store them properly in their case, and to never EVER bring them to the sea.

Doors | Cardiknox

Cardiknox Doors“Oh my life begins every time a door closes, another one opens.” Cardiknox’s, an electro-pop duo from Brooklyn, new single could not have come at a better time to my life. It’s a precedence to what’s to come in the my near future and a reminder to stay positive even when life gets overwhelming because there are better days to come. The end of a chapter is the beginning of a new chapter or in this case – the closing of a door is the opening of another.