Island of desperation

hurricane mariaMy spirits are broken by the reality of devastation.My mouth is speechless by the constant state of shock. My heart fills with a burning sense of loss. My homeland as I knew it, no longer is.

My heart breaks at the loss of your rainforest. My sight hurts from the burning of your landscape. My smell inhales your tainted waters. My spirit yearns for your once inherent natural beauty.

My everyday life regressed three generations. My house is a refuge in the darkness. My life is at a standstill. My homeland as I lived it, no longer is.

My thoughts are consumed by a media frenzy. My words are frustrated with the inefficient power. My people are being forgotten. My spirit despairs for your already obscure future.

My island of desperation. My island as I knew it, when will you be. My spirits yearn for your once natural beauty.