TDM_1Photo by Tutti Del Monte

Hola, I’m Alexandra but how about you just call me (don't-ask-me-why-it's-my-nickname) Sandy. And welcome to the inner workings of my mind!

siempre sandy is a digital narrative of my romanticized existence by way of a collective of visuals and writings about style, music, travel, and reflections.

I lead my life in search of contemporary yet timeless pieces that put me at ease and are instantly cool in the blink of an eye. I treat conversations as a psychotherapy session steamed from my hyper-aware and over-thinking mind. I am a Puerto Rican globe-trotter-in-training seeking adventures near and far. I am instantly swept off the accent and frequently borrow from the boys. I am a (un) functional hopeless romantic and hapless realist. I fall quickly in lust and slowly out of love. I invest so much in the moment and this narrative is my attempt to being unafraid, raw and personal. This is my love story.

My featureSound.tracking emotionally highlights romanticized moments from my past, present, and future to create a cinematic diary accompanied by the ultimate soundtrack. Music is more than just a backdrop to my life; it’s my cathartic release to an overwhelming nostalgia.

So yeah, this is a little about me. Sandy... in the pursuit of truth, love, and excellence.