"Why don't you figure my heart out?"



Wearing: ASOS Crop Top | Madewell High Riser Jeans & Boot | Leather Jacket (similar)

It's just you and I, why don't you figure my heart out? Here I am waiting for you to tell what we are. Yet you are too proud to actually speak it loud. I guess I gotta love the way you love yourself  because it's a reflection of your mental health.

It's always the same. You kept the waiting game going and my frustration kept growing. Instead of living in your head, why don't you take your heart out? Yet I remember that I like you no matter what I found. From sleepovers to sleepless nights to you fucking the whole town. You got something to say?  Why don't you speak it out loud? I guess it's always the same.

It was just you and I, why didn't you figure my heart out?

Photos by Tutti Del Monte