You had me at watermelon | Monthly Obsession

beer, summer drink, summer beer, seasonal beer, watermelon, hell or high watermelon wheat beer, 21st amendment,"You had me at watermelon." That's pretty much what I've been saying to bartenders all summer. They've had be at watermelon margaritas, watermelon mojitos, watermelon slushies, and EVEN watermelon beer. Yes, you read that right - watermelon beer. Which makes me wonder... is there such thing as a watermelon overdose? But anyways, back to the watermelon beer. Hell or High Watermelon Wheat beer has been my go-to summer drink - soon enough I might grow a watermelon beer belly. I've been stocking up on my new favorite beer almost every other weekend for summer parties, beach days, and the occasional thirst cleanser. It's especially tasty when you drink it with a watermelon slice on the side. Hurry up and go buy yourself a case at your nearest Whole Foods before the summer officially ends! If you are watermelon obsessed like me, it will change your world.