"And this is how it starts..."





Wearing: Woolrich Flannel Shirt | ASOS Crop Top | Madewell High Riser Jeans | Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops

I tend to grab on to the beginnings of new beginnings. The beginning of a world-wind romance, the beginning of a newfound friendship, the beginning of a life chapter in a new city, or the beginning of a summer vacation. To later on look back and remember the excitement and apprehension of the unknown from that specific moment in time. I don't know what's to come but that will not keep me from pursuing my desires and living in the moment.

I've decided to venture into the blog-o-sphere to illustrate the connection between style and music. My daily outfits visually represent what I’m feeling that day and the music that I blast on while getting dressed lyrically represent those feelings. The two combined emotionally highlight romanticized moments from my past, present, and future to create a cinematic diary accompanied by its own soundtrack. Thus, when it came to picking the lyrical narrative for my first post, I immediately knew that it would be "Sex" by The 1975. Obviously, because of its self-explanatory first lyrics, but also because The 1975 have ingrained the concept of sound tracking in me and justified my interest in the cathartic aspect of music. Because of them I've realized that I've been sound tracking my life all along and that their music would undoubtedly be included.

And just as every song has a beginning, every new life venture has one too.