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Little May | Northside Festival

little may, liz drummond, hannah field, annie hamilton, concert photography, northside festival, rought trade, music show, indie folk, musician, girl band, live music show, concert, sound of australia, australian band, australian music "This song is about when you like someone and they like you back but not enough because they go snuggle someone else" is how Hannah from Little May introduced their current US single Hide. The whole audience pretty much knew what she was talking about - especially all the girls. Little May is an indie-folk band from Sydney, Australia formed by Hannah Field, Liz Drummond, and Annie Hamilton. I first saw them live last year during CMJ Festival and now again for Northside Festival in Brooklyn, where I pretty much rekindled my girl crushes. They had me at Liz's finger picking on that gorgeous burgundy acoustic guitar, Annie's silver purple hair, and Hannah's "I know I can't danced but I don't care" moves. I hadn't felt like this about a girl band since Haim. It's refreshing to discover ladies that create sweetly harmonized, vulnerable music and do it with such an impeccably sense of self. Even further, they have that "girl band" look nailed to the core - silver purple hair, noise rings, multiple ear piercings, layered nineties necklaces, skinny black jeans with laced-up black platform booties, teared up tees, and loads of black eyeliner. No wonder I'm crushing over them.