"This winter ain't cold enough for me"





Wearing: ASOS Coat | Topshop Sweater | ASOS Jeans | Madewell Booties | Biltmore & Madewell Fedora

This winter has definitely been cold enough for me. And these days the struggle is real when it comes to putting my outfits together. I basically have my go-to sweaters on repeat to the point where I've become lame and repetitive. But that is what single digit temperatures do to you. It messes with your styling and mood.

But yet at the start of the winter season, there were days and outfits where my styling was totally less boring. One of those days happened to be when Tutti, Kat and I took a day trip to Storm King Art Center to inhale some much needed fresh air. It was a beautiful day to take pictures, roll around in the leaves, and sing-along to Mariah Carey. The evening later on continued with a concert at Irving Plaza to see The Wild Feathers. Tutti had previously introduced me to these southern boys when we went to see them last May for her birthday. Their soaring instrumentals, vocals and personal lyrics bewitched me and meeting them backstage certainly added to their charm. This second time around the boys put on, yet again, an amazing live show.

Every song in their debut album is like perfection but my all-time favorite has to be "Left My Woman". When they sing it live I can tell how personal the lyrics are to them, which for me makes any song a thousand times better. This is a love song about pursuing their dreams, being on the road, and sacrificing distance from their loved ones. And that besides the miles and days apart, they remain devoted to their women back at home.


photos by Tutti Del Monte