Legends | Monthly obsession

ray ban retro round sunglassesHow many pairs of sunglasses can you own? In my lifetime, I've probably own one too many pairs of sunglasses and the hardest part has been to own them forever. The reality is that sunglasses either go out of style, always break a leg and scratch a lens, or tragically get lost at sea. (RIP my two favorite pairs lost in the Caribbean sea.) And so I realized that I'm tragically doomed as a sunglasses owner that I sword to never EVER again spend more than $50 on a pair. I figured that if they wouldn't last forever then might as well save my money on cheaper pairs. But I've, recently, broken my own promise. I just couldn't resist getting these Ray-Ban Retro Round Sunglasses because they're iconic, timeless, go with everything, and just true legends. So now, I'm committed to my new promise. That is to never EVER sit on them, always and always store them properly in their case, and to never EVER bring them to the sea.