Dear Lucky

October 17, 2015

Dear Lucky,

Our paths crossed extraordinarily. We intertwined deeply. We embraced each other quickly. Then parted ways. What was your purpose?

Forever, I secretly wanted. To know you forever. Be mine forever. Love you forever. Love me forever. Soulmates forever. Were you my soulmate?

My soulmate. You’re a soulmate of many. A soulmate that unbeknownst tore my walls down and revealed a new layer about myself. You smacked me awake. You made me live. You made me love. Then you left. What was the purpose?

You made me a woman. The other woman. An empowered woman. Ecstatically fulfilled woman. A super woman. Was that your purpose?

I miss you. I can't believe it's been three years. You still linger in my mind. Illusions get the best of me. I smile. Then I remember I don’t know you. Who are you these days?

We happened perfectly, divinely. Our romance could have been for the books. Now, Us lives in my perfectly suspended memory. But I can’t seem to let you go. For you to be you and for me to be me. Separate lives. Continents apart. Why can’t I Let It Go?

I was strong enough to let you in then I’m strong enough to let you go. Even if I don't know your purpose. To fit your puzzle piece into my story. I need to move on with my story. When will I know your purpose?

‘See you soon’ - we said. (You would never be mine again.) ‘Hope you stay beautiful. Hope you stay willing’ - he said. Hope… Stay… Always… Never came. That was your purpose.

Always I remember you.

Siempre xx Sandy